Best Ways to Find Your First Tweet

Best Ways to Find Your First Tweet.

Do you remember your first tweet on twttier?

If you want to know what did you say when you first updated your Twitter profile, or if you want to know what was the first tweet any other tweep said, you can read this article.


How To Find Your First Tweet?

Twitter builded the First Tweets site that allows you to find your first tweet.
( celebrated twitter’s 8th birthday )

The website’s name is My First Tweet. You can find your first tweet. Very easy. You even can find your friends first tweet. I checked out some of my friends’ first tweets as well

Unfortunately, the website is no more now.

But, there is still an option, with more steps, for you to find your first tweet.

Find Your First Tweet In 7 Easy Steps:

1. Go to the top right of your homepage and click “Settings.”

2. Click Your “Request Your Archive.”
Scroll down to where it says “Your Twitter Archive” and You can see it.

3. Then you need verification email and click “Go Now.”

4.Click “Download”

5. Click “index.html.”

(find your first tweet)

6.You can see your earliest tweets “View on Twitter.”