Facebook, Youtube, Twitter blocked by the Great Firewall of China

Is Youtube.com blocked in China?

Yes. Facebook, Youtube, Twitter are all blocked by the Great Firewall of China. I’m sorry to hear that.

Now let’s look at the picture.

Ping Facebook in China (blocked in China)

Ping Youtube in China   (blocked in China)

Ping Twitter in China  (blocked in China)

We love to talk about “freedom” and the idea of being free to choose for themselves their thoughts and actions.

Youtube is the largest video site in the world, should be unblocked. I don’t like to be blocked.

Where is freedom, write blog or forum in english is one way. Why english is my best option of freedom.

But some people could disagreen with this statement.  Some of them make no bones about their political views.

Some Opinions – Different Sounds

I could not agree. If  Youtube or west media is realy objective or even fair, it would not happen. As the western media always make biased or even false or misleading report and utilize these channels to manipulate the mob in domestic area, it is a cautious or preventive action taken.

My poor country, whenver trying to defend its basic rights and interests, has been so much difficulties. We do not like to be blocked, but for purpose to stablize the situation and reduce the innocient perpole from being killed by extremist and religious radics, i believe most chinese would accept it.

The List of Blocked Websites in China

  • Twitch and Discord are blocked in China.
  • Yahoo search does not work in China.
  • Reddit is blocked in China.
  • Currently, WhatsApp does not work in China.
  • Skype continues to work in China.
  • VPN apps for Apple are not blocked in China.
  • Google maps is still blocked in China.

What ‘s your own opinion ?