How to Choose a Good Web Hosting

A good website must have a good web hosting first,choose a good web hosting is one of the most crucial decisions you willmake for your website.

Now, web hosting providers is too more, and someare well known and reliable, also some are poor. With a good you willnot face many problems, but if with a poor you will have much pain.

How to choose a good web hosting?

Here you can find a few pointers below what exactly to look for when choosing a good web hosting service:

Good Web Hosting

Uptime guarantee: look for a host with an uptime guarantee of a 99.9%. In fact, nohosting company can guarantee 100% uptime, but it should not lower than 99.5%.

Space and Bandwidth: Don’t believe anyweb host that advertises “unlimited space and “unlimitedbandwidth Usually you will find that they redefine “unlimited to belimited in some way, so suggest you to contact they and ask how”limited.

Technical support: Does the webhosting service provide 24×7 supports? Do they respond rapidly to yourissue? A good hosting compay should know how to solve any problems youhave, and always in 24 hours.

Control Panel: Whether it is easy and fast manage your host. Some hosting companys support Demo, suggest you try it before buy.

Amount of domain add:If you want to build more websites in one host, you should look to see how many can allow to add, and whether need charge for this.

Free domain include:Be wary of hosts that include a free domain name with their hostingpackage, unless you are certain this domain belong to you. For example,if you will not use their host, whether you can still use this domain,can transfer to another domain registrar?

Price and Renewals:The most expensive hosts not necessarily are the best, but price compare is need. Note the Renewals price, some host company first year price is cheap, but renewals price is expensive.

Payment and Money Back Guarantee:Most web hosts allow you to select an annual payment plan that givesyou a cheaper rate than if you were to pay monthly. If you want savemoney, I suggest you look to see their Money Back Guarantee, minimum is 30 days as a good hosting company I think. And note another paymentquestion of auto renewals, if you pay as credit card, remember tocancel auto renewals when you will not use their host again.

Hosting features:Windows hosting support like Asp,, Ms access, Ms SQL. Linux hosting support like Php, Mysql, Perl, CGI, SSI, .htaccess, telnet,SSH, MySQL, crontabs. And general features support like FTP, Email,Data backup, SSL, etc. If you run scripts need special spport, suggestto contact before buy.

Reviews: You shouldmake it a point to check out what others have to say about the webhost. Like using Google search for honest reviews, and some web hostingtalk forum is another good place to check.