10 Longest Rivers in Spain – You should know

Interested in Spain? How much do you know about Spain?

Could you name the top 10 longest rivers in Spain?

Today I'll will talk about rivers in Spain with you. In fact, there are many famous rivers in Spain. For example: Tajo, Ebro, Duero and so on.

What is the name of spain's longest river?

The Tagus is the longest river in the Iberian Peninsula. The river rises in mid-eastern Spain, flows 1,007 km (626 mi), generally west with two main south-westward sections, to empty into the Atlantic Ocean near Lisbon. Its drainage basin covers 80,100 square kilometers (30,927 sq mi).

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The Tagus

Spain's Second-Longest river

The second longest river in Spain is the Ebro. It is the longest river to run its entire course in mainland Spain.

Longest Rivers in Spain (River Name - Length (km)

  1. River Tajo (1,007)
  2. River Ebro (910)
  3. River Duero (895)
  4. River Guadiana (657)
  5. Guadalquivir (578)
  6. River Júcar (498)
  7. River Genil (337)
  8. River Segura (325)
  9. River Miño (310)
  10. River Turia (280)

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Map of Spain

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Spain is a country that lies in southwestern Europe. And it is a beautiful country.