Privacy Policy

This privacy policy will show you what of and how your data will be collected and used when visiting the SoulBlogTips website.

Additionally, when subscribing to RSS feed via email, your email address will be collected by and stored on Google, and we can see it, but you can unsubscribe anytime by clicking a link included in every feed you received.

We won’t collect any of your data in any other ways, and all your personal information stored on SoulBlogTips won’t be released, shared or sold to any third-parties.

Since SoulBlogTips has integrated with ad networks, social networks and search engines, your browsing activities here may be collected by Google, Twitter, Facebook and/or some other third-parties via cookies, which may include your location, IP address, browser version and even more.

To check if there are any third-parties tracking you when visiting a webpage of SoulBlogTips, you can install the Firefox add-on Collusion, and to prevent Facebook, Twitter, Google and/or even more third-parties from tracking your browsing activities, you can install the Disconnect extensions and/or its new versions of Collusion, as mentioned on SoulBlogTips.

And for what of and how those third-parties collect and use your data, you can check out their privacy policies.

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