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How to Disable XML-RPC in WordPress

Last week, a friend of mine asked me a question. Do you know what is XML-RPC? And how to disable XML-RPC in WordPress?

XML-RPC is a remote procedure call (RPC) protocol that uses XML to encode its calls and HTTP as a transport mechanism.

“XML-RPC” also refers generically to the use of XML for remote procedure calls, independently of the specific protocol.

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3 Most Popular Free Website Software

Creating a blog is easy. Even a child can do it. Most adults who are blogging would disagree with this statement. But it is the truth.

In today's post, I will share with you 3 blog systems to help you build your blog. And absolutely 100% free!

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How To Save CPU And RAM For Your Blog

When your blog is becoming bigger and bigger, with more and more traffic, the usage of CPU and RAM of your server will also become larger and larger.

For a paid server, whether VPS, cloud computing, or dedicated server, it will save your money if you can save the CPU and the RAM.

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