Are you looking for the  popular Korean fashion magazines? If the answer is 'yes', you come to the right place. In today's post, I'll share some popular Korean fashion magazines.


1. High-cut: The High-cut is one of the largest known Korean fashion magazines. By far my favorite Korean fashion magazine. It offers fashion information, beauty, star album, ebooks and more.

2. CeCi: And a large Korean fashion magazine, it offers Korean star photos, fashion news, audition, career, beauty blogs and more.

3. Vogue: The Vogue is one of the best known Korean fashion magazines, offering featuring beauty trends, international trends, fashion designers and fashion guide.

4. Fashion Net Korea: It is a  fashion knowledge portal. The FashionNetKorea mainly provides fashion news and trends and more. You can search for fashion information by this site.

5. Nylon: one of the most popular Korean fashion magazines. The Nylon provides video clips and style tips for women. It is also a fashion website.

6. ELLE atZINE: This is a women’s fashion and beauty monthly magazine. But I can't open it's website. Here is a youtube demo.

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7. Stylem: Here, you can find fashion news, fashion trends, beauty information and celebrity fashion.

8. GQ Korea: Like ELLE atZINE, but the GQ Korea is the most popular fashion magazine for men, content includes fashion, trends, photos, sports, cars and lifestyle.

9. Fashion Channel: a fashion business magazine, including: fashion industry news, fashion brands, distribution, and market analysis.

10. Singles: The Singles is a lifestyle magazines, including: featuring luxury, fashion, beauty, stars, and employment information.

Note: The above part of the website address has changed.

I hope this information is helpful.