Top 10 Places to Get Free Traffic

This is really easy to get free traffic once you understand how to promote your website. There are many ways of getting free web traffic to your web site, I list top 10 places for you now.

1. Search Engine

Every website has to be actively promoted on search engines as the most free traffic come from there, like Google, YaHoo, Bing, and etc.Search Engine

2. Write Article

You can submit article to article directories like EzineArticles, but to get the best results (and the most traffic back to your site) you should write a quality article, and Don’t forget to post the link to your website under the article with your keyword.

 3. Social Networks

Creating a profile and interacting with other users on social networks like LinkedIn, Ryze, and MySpace can do wonders for your business. LinkedIn and Ryze are great for connecting with other business owners, but MySpace presents the largest opportunity to drive a substantial amount of traffic to your site. And more socian networks can work well like Facebook, Twitter.article directories

4. Social Bookmarking

Reddit,, digg, Furl, and StumbleUpon are all highly visited social bookmarking sites where users "bookmark" web pages that they enjoy to share with others.

5. Squidoo and Hubpages

You can create your own pages free in Squidoo and Hubpages, you can get more free traffic and back links, alos you can make money from there.

6. Make Videos

Make videos of the niche of your blog or website and broadcast on YouTube and similar other video websites. These websites also receive millions of visitors every month from all around the globe and hence can increase traffic to your site free too.

7. Join Forums

This one is quite simple. Register for a few forums that are along the topic of what you are marketing. Then, complete your profile settings. The signature section is where you will be getting free traffic (not in your posts) so make sure you think up a catchy line about what you’re doing, then provide the link to your page. DO NOT SPAM the forum.socialnetworks

8. Free Classifieds

This is so easy, Type Free Classified Ads into Google, register on the sites you pick and post your ad free. It’s a great way to get fast traffic to your site. Register for several sites and post ads regularly. Don’t forget to post the link to your webpage on the ad.

9. Email Marketing

You can set up your own email list in your website and then send new update everytime. And putting the address of your website in your email signature also is a proven and practical way.

10. Comment on Blogs

You should use blog comments for getting free traffic on your website as much as possible. You should make thousands of posts on thousands of blogs and should reply to people’s questions. This will allow the readers to view your link every time you make a comment. And DO NOT SPAM!