Top 10 Smartest Person in the world

All humans do have some kind of innate mental ability. Intelligence is a growing point of human development. Here is a list of the top 10 smartest people in the world.

The top 10 people on earth with High IQ and their Brain Power:

Stephen Hawking, Andrew Wiles, Judit Polgár, Paul Gardner Allen, Magnus Carlsen, Garry  Kasparov, Kim Ung-Yong, Christopher Hirata, Grigori Perelman.

Top 10 Smartest Person in the world

1. Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking
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Stephen William Hawking was born on January 8th, 1942 in Oxford, England. He is one of the greatest physicists of modern times. Writing with humility and humor, Hawking opens up about the challenges that confronted him following his diagnosis of ALS (MND) aged twenty-one. With a recorded IQ of 160 points.

His artworks include: (My Brief History, A Brief History of Time)

2. Andrew Wiles

Andrew Wiles
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The next high IQ person is a famous British mathematician. His name is Andrew Wiles. He was born on April 11, 1953, in Cambridge, England.

He is best known for providing proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem, something which had eluded science for more than three centuries.

Furthermore, his IQ is 170 points.

3.Judit Polgár

Judit Polgár
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Judit Polgár (born 23 July 1976) is a Hungarian chess grandmaster. Her father believed that geniuses weren't just born; they could be made. So when she is a child, her father trained her. She is generally considered the strongest female chess player of all time.

In 2005, she was ranked the eighth-best player in the world. But after the birth of her child in 2006, she stepped back from the game. Her IQ is 170 points too.

4. Paul Gardner Allen

Paul Gardner Allen
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The next in the top 10 smartest people is an American business magnate. His name is Paul Gardner Allen.

Paul Gardner Allen was an American business magnate, investor, researcher, humanitarian, and philanthropist. He co-founded Microsoft alongside Bill Gates in 1975, which helped spark the microcomputer revolution and later became the world's largest PC software company.

With a recorded IQ of 170 points.

5. Magnus Carlsen

Magnus Carlsen
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The next on the list of top 10 smartest people in 2019 is Magnus Carlsen. Yes, another chess master. Magnus Carlsen is a Norwegian chess grandmaster and the current World Chess Champion. He was born in Tønsberg, Norway, on 30 November 1990.

In addition to his success in classical chess, he is also a two-time World Rapid Chess Champion and four-time World Blitz Chess Champion. Although he wasn’t interested in knowing his IQ, his IQ of 186 points.

6. Gary Kasparov

Gary Kasparov
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Garry  Kasparov is a Russian chess grandmaster, former world chess champion, writer, and political activist. In addition to his high IQ of 190 points, many consider being the greatest chess player of all time.

From 1986 until his retirement in 2005, Kasparov was ranked world No. 1 for 225 out of 228 months.

7. Kim Ung-Yong

Kim Ung Yong
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The next one in these top 10 smartest people in 2019 was a Korean child prodigy. His name is Kim Ung-Yong (born 8 March 1962). He was able to read and write in Japanese, Korean, German, and English before he turned four years old.

Now he is a South Korean professor who once held the Guinness World Record for the highest IQ, at a score of 210.

8. Christopher Hirata

Christopher Hirata
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Christopher Hirata is an American cosmologist and astrophysicist. Hirata, once considered a child prodigy, was 13 years old when he won the gold medal in 1996 at the International Physics Olympiad. He studied physics at Caltech from the age of 14 to 18, graduating with a bachelor's degree in 2001.

He got his Ph.D. at Princeton University at the age of 22 and his IQ is 225 points, which is considered phenomenal.

9. Terence Tao

Terence Tao
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Terence Tao is an Australian-American mathematician who has worked in various areas of mathematics. He was born in 1975.

He currently focuses on harmonic analysis, partial differential equations, algebraic combinatorics, arithmetic combinatorics, geometric combinatorics, compressed sensing, and analytic number theory.

He is one of the smartest people with an incredible IQ of 230 points.

10. Grigori Perelman

Grigori Perelman
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The last person is a Russian mathematician. His name is Grigori Perelman. Let’s talk about him. Grigori Perelman was born on June 13th, 1966 in the Soviet Union.

He has made contributions to Riemannian geometry and geometric topology. His great contribution to the world has been to prove Thurston’s Geometrization Conjecture;

In 1994, Perelman proved the soul conjecture. In 2003, he proved Thurston's geometrization conjecture. The proof was confirmed in 2006.

By the way, his incredibly high IQ is 238 points! He is also considered one of the smartest people in the world.


We should not despise our intellectual inferiors. We cannot overemphasize the importance of the Intelligence Quotient.

Hard work can often make up for a lack of intelligence.

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