What is Baidu and how to block baiduspider?

What is Baidu? What is Baiduspider? How to block Baiduspider? This article will take up the following three questions one by one. Baidu is the largest Chinese Search Engine in the world.

It was founded in 2000, by the Chinese search scientist and entrepreneur Robin Li.

The Difference between Baidu and Google

Main Difference

Baidu focused on the local Chinese market, while Google is global and continues to expand.


Baidu Detailed description

Baidu, Inc. is a Chinese multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products and artificial intelligence, headquartered in Beijing’s Haidian District. It is one of the largest AI and internet companies in the world.

In October 2018, Baidu became the first Chinese firm to join the United States-based computer ethics consortium Partnership on AI.


What is Baiduspider?

You have heard of Googlespider. Similarly, Baiduspider is Baidu’s web crawling spider. It crawls web pages on the internet. Then it returns updates to the Baidu index.

How to block baiduspider?

You know, baidu spider is a legitimate Chinese Search Engine Bot. If your blog hasn’t  Chinese content or desire any Chinese traffic… How to block it. It’s actually very simple.Baiduspider obeys robots.txt. So you can block it by robots.txt.

Reference Code

User-agent: Baiduspider
Disallow: /
#OthersUser-agent: *
Disallow: /

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